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Community Information That May Help You

Dead Animal Removal (Streets and Alley Ways):

In Los Angeles, to request the removal of a dead animal from the street or alley way.Call  1-800-773-2489  Monday through Saturday,  7:30a.m. and 4:45p.m. For after hours and Sundays, please dial 3-1-1 on your home phone.

Department of Animal Services - Lost and Found: 

In Los Angeles, to find your lost pet Please Call 1 (888) 452-7381 Monday - Friday (8AM - 5PM) Saturday, Sunday and Holidays (Closed), Shelter Hours: Monday (Closed) Tuesday (8 AM-7PM) Wednesday (8AM-5PM) Thursday (8AM-7PM), Friday (8AM-5PM) Saturday (8AM-5PM) Sunday (11AM-5PM) Holidays (Closed)

Local Wildlife Rehabilitators:

Los Angeles County (Los Angeles) Phone: 310-208-3631
Daniela Ortner, International Wildlife Education & Conservation (IWEC)
Specialty: Enrichment Specialist, Animal Trainer & Behaviorist
Certified Animal Evaluator

Los Angeles County (Los Angeles) Phone: 323-651-1336
Mary Cummins (sub-permittee), Squirrel Rescue
Wildlife Species: tree and ground squirrels
Specialties/Knowledge: raising babies, treating injured babies and adults, reuniting babies with mothers, squirrel rehabilitation education

Los Angeles County (Malibu) Phone: 310-458-WILD
Lynn Whited, DVM (Director of Animal Care), California Wildlife Center
Wildlife Species: all native California wildlife- raptors, coyotes, deer, pelagic birds,
marine mammal rescue.
Comments: Contracted agency for the City of Malibu for wildlife rescue.

Los Angeles County (Malibu) Phone: 800-938-3553
Susan Tellem, executive director, American Tortoise Rescue
Wildlife Species: turtles and tortoises only
Comments: fax 310-589-6101

Los Angeles County (Rancho Palos Verdes) Phone: 310-378-9921
Ann Lynch (director), South Bay Wildlife Rehab
Wildlife Species: birds of prey, songbirds, hummingbirds, orphaned raccoons and squirrels
Specialties/Knowledge: birds of prey; referrals to other agencies for wildlife not covered; wildlife education available

Los Angeles County (San Dimas) Phone: 909-592-4900
Judy Everett, Wild Wings of California
Wildlife Species: Passerines, non-passerines, and raptors

Los Angeles County (Topanga) Phone: 310-455-4088
Susan Alice Clark and Ken Mazur, Topanga Animal Rescue
Wildlife Species: birds and small mammals (can stabilize/transport large
mammals), veterinary technician (ER/critical care)
Comments: cover only the Topanga Area

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